A few tips on safe driving

We also need to turn our heads to confirm this. Stay at the scene Leaving can result in legal consequences, like fines or additional violations. Never use a cell phone while driving If you are chatting on a cell phone or sending and receiving text messagesyou will not be giving your driving your full attention, and you will not be aware of what is going on with other drivers around you.

Turn off your air conditioning—both the thermostat and the fan. Replace your windshield wipers. Make sure your cell phone is fully charged and that your car always has a full tank of gas. It is a Program that provides a quick and reliable help on the road that is exclusive to Ford Customers.

Speeding gives you less time to react and increases the severity of an accident. If you hear a siren coming behind you, pull to the side if you can, stop and wait until the police car or fire truck goes by. The best way to deal with flooding is to avoid travelling at all. Check for possible obstacles like dividers stones etc and changes in depth.

Some of the details above were extracted from the official website of Metro Manila Development Authority and from Carmudi Philippines Journal. Pay close attention to these signs The last thing you want is to park your car somewhere, go into a store for a few minutes, and come out to find a ticket on your car, or even worse, that your car has been towed away for being parked illegally.

Be aware that some medications cause drowsiness and make operating a vehicle very dangerous. Here are some safe driving tips: Hence their feedback reduces for some time and they may not offer the required bite when deployed. To handle the hassle of winter driving: Keep your hands visible Don't reach under your seat or into your glove box.

On severe weather days, schools and workplaces might close or delay opening. Don't brake on leaves. Adjust your seat, mirrors and climate controls before putting the car in gear. Always put a seat belt on.

Have all fluids replaced. Never pass a stopped bus displaying a stop sign to its left.

Tips for Safe Driving With Pets In The Car

Not only should you never talk on your cell phone while you are driving, you also need to remember never to send or read text messages while you are driving.

Even so, there are always things you can learn, and there are always all kinds of things that really do bear repeating.

Driving safety tips every driver should know

This can be really distracting, and if you are paying attention to a really cool song, you may not be paying enough attention to your driving. Also make sure that you pay attention to any other traffic signs you see, and obey all parking signs. Do not park anywhere else.

First of all, buckle up. Make it an absolute habit to ensure that your car is road-worthy by checking its tire pressure, that it has enough oil and brake fluid, the mirrors are properly angled, if the brakes are still tight and if the air filter is clean.

A few basic points have been laid out so each and everyone in Manila experiences a better traffic situation come Easter time.

Tips for Passenger Vehicle Drivers

Use the intermittent wiper setting to sweep away water as it deposits on the outside of the glass and direct enough defroster air to the inside of the windshield and side windows to prevent them from fogging.

Most new cars have Air directors to get cold air to the Air intake from the front grill of the car. If you are able to do this, you will be able to avoid a lot of fender benders, which, of course, are not something you want to happen.

Summer Driving Tips Download PDF, MB Cool Tips for a Safe Summer Trip. Of the many great things about summertime, few match the fun of a family road trip.

Before you hook up that new boat or camper, or hit the road with your family or friends in your car, SUV, pickup, or RV, take the time to review these summer travel safety tips. Winter Driving Tips If you’re a member of the media and would like to schedule an interview with a AAA expert, visit izu-onsen-shoheiso.com for contact information.

Severe weather can be both frightening and dangerous for automobile travel. Safe Driving Tips: Obey all speed limits and signs. Be attentive and drive responsibly. Never drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

13 tips for driving in fog

Always wear your seatbelts. Before driving a car, do a simple safety check. If you must use the phone, pull over to a safe, well-lit parking lot and place your call there.

After completing your call. Have a Safe Trip: Top 6 Essential Driving Tips for New Drivers. When it comes to driving a vehicle, you can never be too safe, and if it means hearing the same tips over and over again, so be it.

7 Fall Driving Safety Tips

Here are a few of the top basic driving tips for new drivers. Oct 13,  · Whether they’re headed for fun times at the park or a trip to the vet, here are a few tips for safe Ina 16 year old driving student in Ohio killed both.

Tips for safe driving in monsoon season Arushi Rawat With monsoon having reached most parts of the country, it is important to keep a few tips and tricks in mind while driving.

A few tips on safe driving
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Top 5 Defensive Driving Tips For New Drivers