Muet essay writing tips

This is a great way to start your introduction. And table 1 shows…. Sample Essays Click each link above to find these posts in my archive or trawl my archive to find more samples Today, I would like to show you how to make a really effective conclusion.

For example, international artists who have planned to do a world concert can inform their fans about it through their Facebook account. The government though the Ministry of Environment should organise an effective action plan to overcome the issue of environmental pollution by organising more campaigns like zero-plastic bags and increasing the awareness through various community programs like 3R — Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Questions Rhetorical questions related to the issue Is talent enough to achieve success. Write a statement by making links L between the given stimuli between visuals e. Hence it is my steadfast opinion that the environment does not play the most crucial factor in determining success, but it is indeed the person himself what contributes to his rise or fall.

On the contrary, electronic communications entail only the tip of our fingers so as an electronic device to work with. For instance, an e-mail only requires us to turn on our laptops, open our accounts on the website and then, you can start write your letter and send them through e-mails.

This means that people who have the same great talent - take singing for example - are both capable of becoming successful but the one who has the characteristics fans like such as friendly, well-groomed with high self-esteem and creativity are more likely to achieve superstardom compared to an introverted singer with low self-confidence and charisma.

The second son used the money to bet on horses but lost it all. Make sure its between to words. How do these work. The candidates may focus on either writing the analyses only or syntheses only. In contrast, nowadays people are more prone to communicate the easier ways; by staring on their electronic accounts on their computers or through their iPods and sending short messages from their iPhones or Blackberries.

In fact, different set of questions require a specific know-how so that one will be able to write a decent report; or may be a much more better report.

It is getting more advanced from day to day especially when it comes to Information Technology or in this case; electronic communications.

MUET essay writing Band 5 model answer and feedback

Refer to the sample question. Feedback Structure your subsequent paragraphs like the first one. How is it possible for a set of twins who are both equally good in singing, yet only one becomes a successful singer while the other does not.

State your opinion as to why such situation arises. Examples Various related examples Donald Trump is renowned the world over for his acute business acumen as testified by his Trump empire. Explain what electronic communications entail. Comparison can be within the same stimulus as well.

Justify your stand, giving relevant examples where appropriate. An anecdote Story that is related to the issue There was once a farmer who had triplets. Below are the sample answer for MUET report writing. Use this template to help you.

Jan 19,  · how to write good muet essay introductions A lot of students do not score well in MUET writing because they may be unaware of the Academic Writing Format.

Those who know about it find it hard to verbalise it or get it down on paper, as such, their intros might not follow the appropriate formal writing style that is preferred for MUET level.

report writing muet /4 question 1 tips: 1.

101 MUET Hacks: A Cheat Sheet for MUET Report Writing


MUET Essay Writing Test Guide & Tips

1ST SENTENCE WRITE THE TYPES OF GRAPHS/DIAGRAMS/HEADLINES ETC. Essay writing is really very hard for students and many students are really stressed to write it. So finding a best essay writing format is not easy.

MUET essay writing Band 5 model answer and feedback

Anyway you can check any essay writing services and they can help you to find a good format to write the essay. ENHANCING MUET PERFORMANCE Writing /4 Presented by: Mdm.

Audrey Koh Sui Ean B. Education (TESL) (Honours) UK Anyway you can check any essay writing services and they can help you to find a good format to write the essay. I can recommend a site that has helped me. MUET Writing Section. You should write at least words. As time goes by, the world is changing rapidly; so are its people and the technology itself.

Technology brings about a lot of amendments in people’s life. Check out this model answer and feedback for a Band 5 MUET essay so that you can score the same grade. Find courses Get inspired MUET essay writing Band 5 model answer and feedback.

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MUET Essay Writing Test Guide & Tips

By Kristina K. 9 MAR Get top tips & guidance from our in-house study abroad experts.

Muet essay writing tips
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MUET essay writing Band 5 model answer and feedback