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What is Tipping point. Sociologists have argued that the 38 people did nothing to help a woman in danger because, as big city dwellers, they were used to ignoring thousands of people every day—beggars, solicitors, salesmen, etc.

We are actually powerfully influenced by our surroundings as shown by the following examples: The experiment became so violent and sadistic that it had to be called off after only six days, though it was originally supposed to go on for two weeks. During the famous Kitty Genovese incident in New York City, 38 people watched and did nothing while Kitty Genovese, a young woman, was raped and killed on the street.

Joan Gantz Cooeny desired to bridge the illiteracy gap of underprivileged children so she enlisted several technology experts and child psychologists.

Why did Paul Revere succeed with his famous warning about the coming of the British. InGoetz went to trial in civil court. However, as a cost-cutting measure, Airwalk eventually began providing all of its distributors with a single line of shoes.

Ideas, products, messages and behaviors spread just like viruses do. Your resources, therefore, should be concentrated on these three groups.

Little causes can have big effects 3. They see the possibility of being acquainted with everyone while most of us re busy choosing whom we would like to know. Gladwell identifies a number of examples of past trends and events that hinged on the influence and involvement of Connectors, Mavens, and Salesmen at key moments in their development.

Gladwell contends that these changes in the environment allowed the other factors, like the decline in crack cocaine use and the aging of the population, to gradually tip into a major decline in the crime rate in the city.

Likewise, on the path toward the tipping point, many trends are ushered into popularity by small groups of individuals that can be classified as Connectors, Mavens, and Salesmen.

They connect people to the marketplace and have the inside scoop. Rather, Gladwell argues that social epidemics tend to be triggered by very small, almost invisible changes in the status quo. If there is difficulty and volatility in the world of the Tipping Point, there is a large measure of hopefulness as well.

Suicide stories are a kind of natural advertisement for a particular response to your problems. Get Access The Tipping point: In fact, environment plays an enormous role in human behavior.

These and other unexpected phenomena are explained by the Tipping Point theory. The Power of Context Part One: Gladwell assumes that a few key infected persons spread the disease throughout the city.

In the real world, whether or not a person in fact does behave a certain way is subject to environmental stimuli. What makes someone so persuasive. Retrieved September 20, They link us up to the world. The teen smoking epidemic does not simply illustrate the Law of the Few.

LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in The Tipping Point, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. Tipping Points and the Importance of Small Changes Social Clout and “Word-of-Mouth”.

the tipping point summary chpt words | 13 pages The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference Literature Review of the Tipping. The Tipping Point Summary February 16, January 3, niklasgoeke Entrepreneurship & Business 1-Sentence-Summary: The Tipping Point explains how ideas spread like epidemics and which few elements need to come together to help an idea reach the point of critical mass, where its viral effect becomes unstoppable.

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Well not anymore.

The Tipping Point Summary & Study Guide

Links; OC2: Penny for your thoughts? Well, my thoughts. The Tipping point: book summary. The Big Idea A business and science writer presents a book that is full of brilliant, assonating and groundbreaking ideas that should affect the way every thinking person sees the world around him.

The Tipping Point is explained how things spread from one person to another, whether it is ideas, products, fashion trends, increase in crime rates, sexually transmitted diseases/infections, and any other sudden unexplained changes or patterns.

The tipping point summary chpt 1 4
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